Dino Scarpini

Dino Scarpini is a 'jack of all trades' for the sicilian mafia including runner, hitman, 'collections', capo, with a very short fuse.


Dino was born 1892 in New York City. He ‘Died’ at age 26 in 1918.

Dino was born into poverty in New York City just 2 years after his parents immigrated from Sicily with the ‘american dream’ in their eyes. Because they spoke very little english, it was hard for his parents to find any kind of steady employment that kept food on the table.

At the age of 11, Dino found his father dead in the middle of the street in a pool of blood. Nobody saw what happened and the killer was never found.

To support his mother, Dino started a life of petty crimes stealing food and money in the streets of New York. At age 16, he befriended a soldier, Danny ‘fingers’ Carciliti, who was a ‘collections’ officer for the mafia and before long, Dino would accompany Danny to convince local business owners to that protection was a service they should pay for. Danny would give Dino a small cut of take, which to him constituted a steady job.

At the age of 20, Dino was officially inducted as made man in the mafia and was assigned many different jobs. Later that same year, Dino’s mother came down with Chicken pox which ultimately claimed her life. Dino, having a deep respect and love for his mother, was devastated by her death. He became reckless and developed a very short and violent temper. Seeing the potential to take advantage of this, the mafia sent Dino to take out members who were marked men.

One crisp autumn night in 1918, as he was walking to his apartment, he turned down an ally and was confronted by a strange man lingering in the shadows. As Dino walked by him, he felt a sudden twinge of uneasiness. Taking one last draw off his cigarette, he flicked it at the man who did not flinch and Dino said gruffly “Piss off unless you got a death wish”. The man did respond but rather took a step forward and as he did so, Dino drew his revolver out of his pocket and pointed it at the strangers forehead. Dino never had a chance to shoot, but instead began his new ‘life’ as a creature of the night.

Dino Scarpini

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