Christian Chae

Christian is an archival librarian at Loyola University in New Orleans. She manages the library at night. She is the daughter of the late Senator and Mrs. Chae.


Christian Chae daughter of the late Senator Chae. Christian is half Choctaw Indian and half Irish a woman with a mean streak no doubt if riled. Her polite, socially conscious mother taught her all the proper etiquette any southern lady should aspire to know, her father taught her about the ways of the spirits and a deeper understanding of one’s self.

Christian’s innate ability to “find” information baffles the government’s best as her father was well aware of. Her digging into “cult” reportings around campus and the city of New Orleans got the attention of the Prince. She soon got too close to the truth and was quickly embraced. Now part of the masquerade she plays her part well, protecting her new family as she did her old. If information is what you want, it is she you ask.

Christian Chae

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