Bob Seal

Dean of Libraries for Loyola University and staunch democrat. Has a fatherly affection for Christian


Bob is the consummate southern gentleman. Born just before the signing of the Declaration of Independence in a suburb of Philadelphia, Robert ( Bob ) James Seal is fiercely proud of his country and is a staunch support of democracy. This has carried through to his unlife and has guided him to the Carthians.

An avid reader, Bob took on a position at the United States Library of Congress when it opened in 1800. In 1815 George Watterston took on the position of Librarian of Congress. He took an instant liking to Bob and made him his protege. Seven years later Bob became very ill with some unknown disease. He was bed ridden for a number of days. He grew weaker and more pale every day. The doctors tried every remedy that they had available, but nothing worked. After the tenth day the doctors pronounced the disease incurable and told Bob that he should prepare for the inevitable.

Bob sent word to his friend George, informing him of the prognosis. George insisted on coming to see Bob in spite of Bob’s assertion that the disease could be contagious and that he did not want to risk his friends life as well.

George arrived shortly after dusk and went immediately to George’s bedroom, dismissing the attending nurse. “Bob, do you trust me?”

“Of course I do George, with my life. What there is left of it.”

“What if I were to tell you I could make it so that this illness need not be the death of you.”

“I would think that you had been drinking heavily. I told you what the doctors-”

“Bob, we have known each other for seven years, in all that time have I said or done anything to cause you not to trust me?”


“Have I said or done anything to cause you harm?”


“Believe me then when I tell you that I can help you. However, this help will bring with it a change, one that I feel I must fully explain to you.”

“If you can help me, then I do not know that I require any further explanation.”

“If I help you Bob, you will no longer be the same person you have been these past 52 years. For you to truly understand I must share with you something that I have shared with a very few people. Please listen carefully and do not judge me for what I am about to tell you, remember me for the person you know me to be, the person that I have shown you I am.”

“You are beginning to frighten me George.”

“There is no reason to be frightened Bob, you have nothing to fear from me, but I want to make sure you understand the full ramifications of what I am offering you. What I offer you Bob is immortality. I am a vampire and I can make you one as well. You will never again have to worry about death. You are free to continue your quest for knowledge that has driven you to achieve the great many things you have achieved thus far.”

Bob remained silent for a long period as his mind attempted to make sense of what he had just heard. Did he really hear him correctly or was the disease playing tricks on him. “Did you say vampire George?”

George nodded silently.

Bob watched George’s head bob up and down, but still was not sure he accepted the answer. “Please leave me George, I must consider this carefully before making a decision.”

“I understand and I am glad to hear you say that. Please do consider what I offer you and weigh that and its privileges, opportunities and its challenges against what you know is the end of your days.”

It was two days later when Bob finally had George summoned back to his bed chamber. By this time Bob has lost nearly 75 pounds and could barely breathe. George entered the room and knelt on the floor next to Bob’s bed.

“The end is near my friend, I can see it in your eyes.”

“I am not ready to end my pursuit of knowledge.” It was barely a whisper, but it was enough for George.

Bob was embraced that night.

Bob Seal

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