Andrea Greene

Executive Assistant to William Collins


Andrea Greene
Executive assistant to J. William Collins

age : 34
born : Miami
hair color : black/brown
height : 5’5"
weight : 110 lbs


Andrea spent several years on the west coast and most prominantly worked as the assistant to Andrea Nordmann, the executive assistant to Steve Jobs, whilst at Pixar from 1996-1997. Victoria Astor-Collins persuaded Andrea to leave Pixar in December of 1997 on the word of a covenant member who knew of Andrea’s reputation within the company. Andrea was still young and eager to advance her career, and had no qualms about working for a “bloodsucker” – as she lovingly referred to Steve. Victoria put her to work within a number of different family businesses, each of which improved in effeciency and organization with her diligent work and attitude. Over time, the reltionship between Victoria and Andrea grew to become both personal and intimate. Victoria brought Andrea within the inner circle of the family in summer of 2000, where she aclimated nicely. She expressed an interest and a desire to be sired by Victoria due to the closeness that had developed between them – A desire that was cut short by Victoria’s Final Death.

Upon William’s return, Andrea spent much time filling him in on the family business, Victoria’s life, and assisted him in his adjustment to modern times. Victoria had spoken of William to her often, and she felt an immediate connection to him, however, without Victoria, her desire for the Embrace had waned with her grief. Today, she is executive assistant to William over all lines of business, and oft-times accompanies him on covenent business as well. Their relationship is professional, and also very personal – they are connected as two indivdiuals sharing the loss of a great love.

Andrea Greene

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