• Christian Chae

    Christian Chae

    Christian is an archival librarian at Loyola University in New Orleans. She manages the library at night. She is the daughter of the late Senator and Mrs. Chae.
  • Dino Scarpini

    Dino Scarpini

    Dino Scarpini is a 'jack of all trades' for the sicilian mafia including runner, hitman, 'collections', capo, with a very short fuse.
  • J. William Collins

    J. William Collins

    William is an old soul adrift in the 21st century. William stands as the executive officer of Collins Insurance of Massachusetts, driving the business of a new office in New Orleans
  • Klu


    Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Andrea Greene

    Andrea Greene

    Executive Assistant to William Collins
  • Augusto Vidal

    Augusto Vidal

    Ventrue Prince of New Orleans
  • Bob Seal

    Bob Seal

    Dean of Libraries for Loyola University and staunch democrat. Has a fatherly affection for Christian
  • James Bennet

    James Bennet

    Founder and Editor of New York Herald. Family man and upstanding businessman in New York.
  • Margarite Sikorskai

    Margarite Sikorskai

    A brilliant artist, originally from St. Petersburg in the former Soviet Union