The Reliquary of The Souls

Where there's thermite there's ash

After tracking down Malek and his cohorts Klu knew just what to do. Tossing a couple thermite grenades to Dino, they waited until just the right time before unleashing hell on their prey.

In the middle of a dense forest.

The thermite grenades went off in the middle of the twelve fugitives, bursting into a shower of white hot sparks and then flame. Nearly 40 square yards were vaporized immediately, including the kindred and the staff the prince had sent them to retrieve.

Now they enjoy the prince’s hospitality.

As guests.

In his dungeon.


Christian paces in her cell, certain the prince is going to end their undead existence.

Where there's thermite there's ash

Dino goes to a dark corner of his cell and lays down. He closes his eyes, then folds his hands together and raises them to his forehead and touches his forehead with extended thumbs and mutters a few words in italian “mi perdoni padre”, then unclasps his hands and folds his arms across his chest. He says out loud to no one in particular “Now… we wait.”

Where there's thermite there's ash

Totally bored out of her mind, Christian takes out her smartphone and plugs into her home computer. She begins searching on the staff and looking for any information she can find about the legend and/or the magic that created the staff.

Where there's thermite there's ash

Quickly learning there is no cell signal, she begins to replay the scenes from the time they left the safe house until they were all on their way back to the city….slowly going scene by scene to see if they had missed something.

Where there's thermite there's ash
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