The Reliquary of The Souls

What horror awaits those who fail their prince?

William, Christian, Dino and Klu have been languishing for almost a month in the Prince’s dungeon. Tonight however, the Prince’s man has come for them. What cruel fate awaits them in the Prince’s chamber?

Is it final death or is it something worse?

Perhaps the Prince is feeling merciful tonight.

Where there's thermite there's ash

After tracking down Malek and his cohorts Klu knew just what to do. Tossing a couple thermite grenades to Dino, they waited until just the right time before unleashing hell on their prey.

In the middle of a dense forest.

The thermite grenades went off in the middle of the twelve fugitives, bursting into a shower of white hot sparks and then flame. Nearly 40 square yards were vaporized immediately, including the kindred and the staff the prince had sent them to retrieve.

Now they enjoy the prince’s hospitality.

As guests.

In his dungeon.

Next stop Natchitoches

You agree to help the prince recover the lost staff from the Ordo Dracul rebel Malek Syraphim. The prince provides you with transportation and a haven in Natchitoches, the old Samuel Guy estate.
309 Pine Street
Natchitoches, Louisiana

In addition he provides you with a guide, Wahya, who will help you track down the rebels and the staff.

The Staff of The Lancea Sanctum

DragonsdenEvidently you have made quite an impression on the prince. His chamberlain indicated that Augusto had told him to arrange a dinner at The Dragon’s Den. The Dragon’s Den was a notorious hang-out spot for the “goth” crowd. The ridiculous kindred wannabes made absolute fools of themseleves trying to catch the interest of a kindred who would fulfill their fantasy.

What possible reason could the Prince have had for inviting you to dinner and why here?

Quote of the night
Want to see a trick?

Just say no!

The Beginning

And so it begins…

Devils night in the Big Easy is just the start of a weekend long celebration. The VooDoo Music Experience, The Krewe of Halloween Parade and the longest running most exclusive event The Camarillian Celebration of The Night or simply, The Celebration as it has come to be known.

The Celebration is held on Halloween in the New Orleans Museum of Art. The event, hosted by our Prince, Augusto Vidal, is the most highly anticipated event of the year. While others are distracted by concerts and parades, the Kindred of the region join together in a celebration of unlife, the likes of which are unparalleled.


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